Meet decision makers from across the region representing

Cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers
Cosmetic & personal care packaging
Private label and contract manufacturers
Formulation scientists for cosmetics/ R&D facilities and laboratories
Regulatory bodies for personal care industry
Raw material distributors, wholesalers, agents, importers, exporters

Bringing 6,500+ Targeted buyers actively looking for packaging solutions for cosmetics and personal care industry!

The diverse mix of visitors ensures a dynamic and fruitful exchange of ideas, networking opportunities, and potential business opportunities:

Cosmetics and Personal Care Brand Owners

Packaging Professionals

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Research and Development Specialists

Retailers and Distributors

Regulatory and Compliance Experts

Marketing and Branding Professionals

Sustainability Advocates

Industry Consultants and Analysts

Trade Bodies, Associations & Media

Safety Testing & Claims

Contract Manufacturing

Packaging Machinery

Private Labelling

Prints & labels